Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Disk space in Linux (df command)

Have you ever wondered how to find out how much free space you have on your hard drive? It's really easy to find out and we will discuss this in today's article. Just run this command:


 This will give you a table with remaining space on all of your disks. There are some options you may use with this command. I will list some of the most important.

  • -h, --human-readable - will show results in human readable format (e.g. 256M, 80G)
  • -H, --si - likewise, but use powers of 1000, not 1024
  • -l, --local - limit to local file systems only
  • -t, --type=TYPE - limit to file systems of given type only

So this is how to find out your free disk space. It should work on all linux distributions.

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