Saturday, November 14, 2009

Man Pages in Linux

In today's article we will talk about manual pages, or so called man pages in Linux. So what are they good for? Everybody once gets into a situation, when he needs to know a syntax for some command. You may of course search on Google but there's also one alternative way provided natively in almost every Linux distribution. I am of course talking about those man pages.

Now imagine, that you would like to know anything about the ls command. This is the time, when man pages may be very useful. Just type this into the console:

man ls

You will get into a program for viewing these pages and the man page for ls will be opened. Right now you can have a look at the syntax, at some description and at the available parameters. At the end you will be able to see some informations about the program itself, like its author and other informations. Now that you have read all the informations you will want to leave back to the console. This is done by typing :q on your keyboard.

So this is how you may use man pages. Sometimes you may get into a situation, when there's no Linux console available. In this case you may view man pages on this website:

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